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Curricular Studies

We offer an extensive program of studies in both Latin and Greek at the introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels, principally for homeschool students. Our complete Latin and Greek Curriculum is designed to provide the core of the student's educational program and, by means of the unique virtues of conscientious Greek and Latin studies, to nurture and support all other studies, the mathematical and natural sciences, no less than the cultural and historical sciences. Properly employed and conscientiously followed, our Latin and Greek Curriculum offers, for a very small fraction of the cost, the possibility of an education that surpasses the best private school educations available. The curriculum has been designed primarily with the homeschool student in mind, but it is also able to be adapted to the circumstances of public, private, and parochial school students.

Diploma Studies

We have made our Latin and Greek Curriculum the foundation of a full curricular program leading to an Advanced Diploma in Classical Studies and the Liberal Arts. The Diploma is recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and wears an authority equivalent to that of the diploma issued by any public or private school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In order to participate in the Diploma Program, the student must be educated at home, in accordance with the provisions of the Homeschool Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and he must be enrolled in the Latin and Greek Curriculum of The Lancaster Center for Classical Studies. The program stresses 1.) the foundational importance of Reading as the most comprehensive engagement of the mind; 2.) Greek and Latin Studies as the supreme cultivator of high-level reading skills, which is to say, the skills of appreciation, imagination, discrimination, analysis, reasoning, investigation, interpretation, examination and others, briefly, the skills of understanding that underlie all of the arts and sciences; and, therefore, 3.) Greek and Latin Studies as the proper Curricular Core for all other studies.

Extracurricular Studies

Public, Private, and Parochial School Students whose schedules do not allow as complete a commitment as would be required by the Curricular Program, may approach the study as an after-school, extracurricular project, advancing at their own pace rather than following a pre-established rhythm and rate of curricular progress. Extracurricular studies are also available for adults.

Advanced Placement Studies

Public, Private, and Parochial School Students who would like to enjoy the fuller benefits of Greek and Latin studies may undertake a more dedicated study in Latin or Greek or both. We offer after-school students the possibility of pursuing their studies at the curricular level. Latin studies may be organized in such a way as to prepare the student for the Latin Achievement Test or the Advanced Placement Examination on Vergil or both. If pursued to its completion, our Latin Curriculum far exceeds the scope of the Advanced Placement Vergil Syllabus, however, and we consider the requirements of that syllabus incidental rather than determinative. Independent of the Advanced Placement system, therefore, and exceeding its scope and standards, we provide our own recognition, record, and certification of the student's more advanced accomplishments. The same form of recognized achievement is possible in the Greek Curriculum.

Special Studies

In some circumstances, special studies of several kinds may also be undertaken. These include 1.) Intensive Studies, often during the summer session, for college or university students wishing to take advantage of a summer opportunity or for younger students wishing to advance their position in the curricular progression; 2.) Advanced Studies for adults wishing to pursue special topics; 3.) Directed Studies of various kinds for students seeking to prepare themselves more adequately for a special purpose.

Co-operative Studies

In some circumstances, The Lancaster Center for Classical Studies can arrange to offer special courses during the school day, after school, or during the summer, in cooperation with local elementary, middle, and high schools where programs in Latin and Greek are not available or in cases where scheduling has become a difficulty.

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