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An Institute for Classical Languages

The Lancaster Center for Classical Studies is an institute for the teaching and learning of the Greek and Latin languages and their literatures. We offer a full range of courses from the introductory level to an advanced level of instruction for students from ten (sometimes younger) to a hundred-and-ten (seldom older) who love to learn. Greek and Latin studies provide an insurpassable introduction to the study of all facets of Western Civilization and of the relations between the West and the East. They serve to foster a wide array of cognitive abilities and have been shown to increase overall academic performance, performance on standardized tests, performance in both the verbal and the mathematical components of the college entrance examinations, and the student's degree of success in college and university studies. They have much more to offer.

A True Classical Education

During the past two decades, interest in the study of Latin and Greek, and in the idea of what has come to be called a classical education, has experienced a resurgence. The Lancaster Center for Classical Studies is dedicated to exploring the scope of this interest and deepening it. Our approach to teaching and learning and our courses of study are designed not merely to offer tokens of recognition to a popular movement, however, but rather to sow in the minds of our students, and to help cultivate there, the seeds of all of the rich and diverse benefits that the study of Greek and Latin promises.

Where to Find Us and When

The Lancaster Center for Classical Studies is located on the west end of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We serve students from all parts of Lancaster County and from the surrounding counties of York, Dauphin, Lebanon, Berks, and Chester. We also offer occasional special programs serving students from far beyond the immediate vicinity. Class size is kept small, and close attention is paid to the needs of each individual. Courses are offered both during the regular academic year and during the summer. Accommodating the diverse scheduling needs of our students, classes meet mornings, afternoons, and evenings, Monday through Friday.

The Methods We Use

Instruction is provided by Laurie and Peter Brown, both with advanced degrees in Greek and Latin and with extensive experience teaching them. The instruction is of high quality, dedicated, and substantial. We want our students to learn to read and enjoy authentic Latin or Greek or both, not simply to be exposed to them in passing. The languages become accessible even to relatively young students through the use of methods that introduce the principles of grammar gradually, in the context of a series of interesting, instructive, often amusing, and well-conceived stories composed in progressively more complex Greek or Latin. In addition to the stories, the student will, from the very beginning, be reading passages of appropriate length and complexity selected from actual Greek and Roman authors. Our aim is to facilitate, nurture, and encourage the love of learning, but also to structure and guide that love and to provide our students with the fundamental skills that will allow them to become and remain joyous, playful learners, but at once well organized, effective, hard-working, and productive learners.

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