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A Warm Welcome to Lovers of Learning

Pavel Filonov (Russia, 1883-1941) . People . 1930 . Analytical Realism

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all visitors to this site.

As a school operating as a non-profit organization, we are obliged by the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of the Treasury of the United States of America to comply with laws forbidding discrimination against human beings who happen to fall into certain biological, ethnological, and sociological classes. We happily comply with these laws, and we do so in accordance with a principle higher still than federal law. Among the conditions set forth by the Internal Revenue Service in approving our application for tax-exempt status as a non-profit organization is the stipulation that we publish a "policy of non-discrimination" for the purpose of declaring our compliance with federal anti-discrimination laws. As with the underlying law itself, we happily comply with that stipulation, albeit we prefer to think of the requisite policy not negatively as one of "non-discrimination" but positively as a policy and, indeed, as a ready disposition, of universal warm welcome to human lovers of learning.

In its deepest depth, the love of learning is a love of wisdom; and, in its fullness, this can only mean a love of God; but this, in turn, is inseparable from a love of Man. Does any of us truly understand what we mean when we say the word "God"? Does any of us truly understand what we mean when we say the word "Man"? What, indeed, is a human being? Who is he? Whence has he come? Whither is he bound? Can you find amongst the People, in Filanov's painting displayed above, the human beings beginning to find and to show themselves as such, beginning, it may be, to understand themselves as human beings in a world whose meaning is not transparent on the face of things, a world in which Man first begins to become Man, first begins to have an inkling of his humanity, when the love of learning stirs within him? Not until this moment arrives can true education begin. A true lover of learning is a seeker after truth, and true education can take place only in the midst of a living search for the truth.

Policy of Non-discrimination

Pavel Filonov (Russia, 1883-1941) . Flowers of the Universal Flowering . 1916 . Analytical Realism

All who love learning are warmly invited to participate in the educational programs of The Lancaster Center for Classical Studies. Neither The Classical Foundation of Lancaster nor The Lancaster Center for Classical Studies discriminates in any respect, in its admissions practices and policies or in the administration of any of its programs, on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, ethnic or national origin, social or economic status, religious affiliation, or any other classifications that might be socially or politically abused for the purpose of diminishing the humanity of a human being. We invite to enroll in our programs all who would like to explore and learn to enjoy the rich and diverse benefits of a sound, lively, probing, and challenging study of the Latin and Greek languages, their literatures, the arts and sciences that have sprung from them, the poetry and scripture that they shelter, and the heritage of inquiry and learning that they continue to nourish. This study is not the mere study of a foreign language. It is the very realm of the deepest and the truest possible love of learning. It is the region of what Filanov in his painting, just above, called the universal flowering. It is the region of true education, and it is therefore the region of the true growth of the heart, the soul, the mind, and the will of the truly human being. We invite all who would to join us in exploring this region of regions.

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