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Modern Language Colloquium

Odilon Redon (France, 1840-1916) . Italian Landscape . 1895 . Symbolism

Modern Languages in the Classical Curriculum

The Foundational Lingual Arts Curriculum of The Lancaster Center for Classical Studies is a twenty-first century deepening, elevating, broadening, and enlivening of the Classical Liberal Arts Curriculum. Because of the distinctive virtues of Latin and Greek studies in cultivating the full breadth of human cognitive potentialities, the Classical Languages constitute the core of the LCCS curriculum. Modern Languages, however, occupy a very important place in that curriculum, for it is the Modern Languages that open to us the nearest pathways into all parts of our daily existence and the life of our own culture, into the present reality of the cultures with which we share the earth, into the traditions and the destinies of our own and other cultures, and into the further reaches of these destinies and the deeper sources of those traditions.

The LCCS Modern Language Colloquium

Every summer The Lancaster Center for Classical Studies presents a six-week seminar, intensive and immersive, focussed on one of the principal modern European languages: Italian, Spanish, French, or German. During the summer of 2018 we will study the Italian language. The seminar is designed to produce in the conscientious student a thoroughgoing grounding in the fundamental grammar and vocabulary of the language, leaving the student with a preparedness to begin reading fine literary works written in the language and to begin building a sound, active, oral facility with the language.

Admission to the Modern Language Colloquium

In order to enroll in the Modern Language Colloquium, a student must be at least fourteen years of age, must have completed the LCCS Latin II Seminar, and must be enrolled in both an LCCS Latin Seminar and an LCCS Greek Seminar for the following academic year. Exceptions will be reviewed on an individual basis. Students who are not in a position to satisfy the basic requirements for acceptance into the program may request an interview for the purpose of determining whether the program is suitable for them. The characteristics that must be demonstrated are strong motivation, well formed study habits, and a good, basic understanding of English grammar. If you are interested in having a child participate in the LCCS Modern Language Colloquium, call The Lancaster Center for Classical Studies at 717.397.3223.
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