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Here are a few of the benefits of studying Greek and Latin.

  • Enlarged and deepened English vocabulary
  • Fuller, more thorough understanding of English grammar
  • Heightened command of the English language in speaking, writing, and thinking
  • Increased accuracy and vivacity in reading and increased reading comprehension
  • Cultivation of the full range of cognitive faculties, transferable to all practical and theoretical applications of the mind, including the mathematical and natural sciences no less than the cultural sciences and the arts.
  • Documented, heightened success in all academic subjects at all levels of education
  • Documented, improved performance on all parts of the college entrance examinations (mathematical, verbal, and writing)
  • Increased attractiveness to university admissions committees
  • Access to the foundational works of Western arts, letters, mathematics, science, and religion
  • Fullest and richest possible access to the entire tradition of Western culture and learning
  • Lengthened insight into the confrontation and the conversation between West and East
  • Deepened understanding of the sources of American constitutional democracy
  • Provision of a flexible, expansive, progressive, and coherent organizing principle for an educational curriculum second to none
  • A continuously expanding challenge and opportunity for growth
  • An enlivened mind and an enlivened life.
Simply put, it's a lot of fun. Call us at 717.397.3223, and learn more.

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