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Curriculum and Tuition

Katsushika Hokusai (Japan, 1760-1849) . A Merchant Keeping his Accounts . Date Uncertain . Ukiyo-e Style ("Pictures of the Floating World")
The Purpose and Parts of LCCS Latin and Greek Seminars
Our Latin and Greek Seminars are designed to provide the core of a conscientiously organized and conducted program of homeschool studies. Moreover, they are not mere courses in a supermarket of plastic-wrapped packages; rather, they provide an extensive, coherent, nurturing, and nourishing course of study reaching from the fourth or fifth year of formal schooling through the twelfth year or beyond. Properly undertaken by students and parents, each course provides every element that is fundamental to a complete educational experience. Each LCCS Latin and Greek course meets for one hour, twice a week, for thirty weeks; each requires a minimum of three hours of conscientious preparation at home for every hour in class; and each includes the following components:
  • Studies in Latin or Greek morphology, syntax, vocabulary, etymology, and literature, presented in such a way as to result over the course of the program in a high degree of formal mastery and a level of fluency in reading equal to the very best works of classical and ecclesiastical literature
  • A continuously deepening cultivation of the grammatical, logical, and rhetorical dimensions of the mind that underlie the trivium of the Classical Liberal Arts
  • A continuously deepening cultivation of the analytical, intuitional, methodological, and metrical dimensions of the mind that underlie the quadrivium of the Classical Liberal Arts
  • Studies in English grammar, vocabulary, spelling, etymology, literature, elocution, and composition
  • Studies in history and geography, including the areas of Rome, Greece, the Mediterranean Basin, and the Holy Lands; Europe, Africa and Asia; the Americas, including studies in the geography, history, and civics of the United States and Pennsylvania; with the particular area of historical study being determined by the particular Latin or Greek course to which it is related
  • Archaeological studies of sites and finds intimately connected with the focus of the particular Latin or Greek course to which they are related
  • Studies in the history of painting and sculpture, again, with the particular works studied being closely connected with the focus of the pertinent Latin or Greek course
Cost of Tuition per Annum
  • LCCS Foundational Latin Seminars I through XII (or higher): $725*
  • LCCS Foundational Greek Seminars I through X (or higher): $725*
  • Complete LCCS Curriculum for twelve years of homeschooling (or more): Free of Charge
  • New Testament Collegium A: Sight-Readings in the Koiné Greek New Testament: $160
  • New Testament Collegium B: Sight-Readings in the Vulgate Latin New Testament: $160
  • Classical Literature Symposium: Dramatic Readings of Classical Literature in Translation: $160
Nota bene: The fees* that we charge for the tuition of LCCS Latin and Greek courses cover approximately one fifth of the cost of developing, maintaining, and presenting a program of this nature. Every LCCS student is therefore receiving an implicit scholarship covering approximately four fifths of the true cost of his studies. That implicit scholarship is funded exclusively by our dedication to the task of good education and to the task of keeping alive the question of what it means to be well educated. We have neither private, nor business, nor government sponsors underwriting our operations outside the very limited sphere that you will find gratefully acknowledged on our Sponsors-page, to view which, please click here.
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