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Learn the Languages that Bring the Mind to Life.

The Lancaster Center for Classical Studies welcomes you to explore with us the riches of the Latin and Greek languages. We offer a full program of studies in both Latin and Greek to more than 150 students, ages 7 to adult, from all parts of Lancaster County and the immediately surrounding Pennsylvania counties.

It is the mission of The Lancaster Center for Classical Studies, employing the special virtues of the Latin and Greek languages, to awaken and nurture the minds of its students and to help them to build up the full range of fundamental cognitive skills, the skills that are at work in thinking, reading, reasoning, problem-solving, and learning at every level. The study of Latin and Greek forms, deepens, strengthens, and enlivens these skills, which in turn support and enhance all other fields of study, from poetry to calculus, from physics to scripture. No other single study, moreover, is so well suited to introduce the student to the breadth and depth of the rich traditions of art, literature, mathematics, science, and scripture which constitute our living cultural heritage.

Classes are available for homeschool, public school, and private school students, for college students, and for adults. Depending upon the program, classes are available in the morning, the afternoon, or the evening, in an enjoyable, encouraging, and challenging atmosphere.

Just a Few of the Benefits of Studying Latin and Greek

  • Heightened appreciation, comprehension, and command of the English language in listening, speaking, reading, and writing
  • Fullest and richest possible access to the diverse traditions of art and literature, music and mathematics, science and religion
  • Provision of a flexible, expansive, progressive, and coherent organizing principle for an educational curriculum second to none: the best possible education
  • Heightened success in all academic subjects at all levels of education
  • Heightened performance on all parts of the college entrance examinations
  • Increased attractiveness to university admissions committees

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